Mercury in Virgo – Miscarriage or Abortion

Mercury in Virgo and the risk of miscarriage or abortion



We’re discussing Mercury in Virgo in the horoscope, typically deemed exalted and beneficial for the native, however, this placement may lead to conditions such as miscarriage or abortion, or pregnancy complications. Astrology, a profound tool for unraveling life’s mysteries, unveils intriguing connections between celestial placements and human experiences. Among these connections lies a compelling yet unexpected revelation—the potential risk of miscarriage or abortion associated with Exalted Mercury in the sign of Virgo.

Exploring Mercury’s Exaltation in Virgo

Mercury’s exaltation in Virgo typically heralds intellectual prowess and analytical acumen. However, within the realm of childbirth astrology, this celestial alignment presents an unforeseen risk. When Mercury finds its exalted state in the Virgo sign within an individual’s astrological chart, it surprisingly introduces a potential threat to progeny, linked to an increased likelihood of miscarriage or abortion. This revelation challenges the conventional notions surrounding the beneficence of an exalted planet, urging a deeper exploration of its implications on childbirth.

Mercury in Virgo and the risk of miscarriage or abortion

Examining Mercury’s positioning within the horoscope, especially in Navamsha, and considering any influential conjunctions or aspects, becomes imperative in understanding the intricate relationship between Exalted Mercury in Virgo and the risk of miscarriage or abortion. This nuanced analysis aims to unravel the subtleties of this astrological configuration, offering insights into potential challenges in conception and childbirth.

Share Your Observation on Exalted Mercury and Miscarriage or Abortion

As proponents of continuous learning and exploration in astrology, it’s essential to engage with this technique. Sharing observations, experiences, and charts related to Exalted Mercury in Virgo and its impact on childbirth fosters collaborative learning and expands our collective understanding of this fascinating facet of astrology. So, I am inviting you to test this technique on the sevral charts and put your feedback in the comment section.

Considering Counter Yogas in Astrology

In navigating the complexities of astrological combinations, it remains crucial to consider the presence of counter yogas within the horoscope. The comprehensive analysis of various factors and configurations provides a holistic perspective, contributing to a deeper understanding of the influences of Exalted Mercury in Virgo on miscarriage or abortion outcomes.

Conclusion: Exalted Mercury in Virgo and its Unexpected Correlation

Astrology, with its depth and intricacies, continually unveils profound connections to human experiences. Through dedicated exploration, analysis, and collaborative sharing of insights, we endeavor to unravel the mysteries surrounding Exalted Mercury in Virgo and its unexpected correlation with miscarriage or abortion, enriching our collective knowledge in childbirth astrology.

Example of Mercury in Virgo and No Children

Exalted Mercury and No Children


Here, you can see this one example which clearly shows the exalted Mercury. This chart was given by one of my students and clearly said – “Sir this person doesn’t have any child”.

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