Government Job Prediction in Astrology

Government Job Prediction in Astrology

Are you looking for the Government Job Prediction in Astrology? then your journey ends now. we are starting a series of articles where we will discuss some combinations of Astrology which is very supportive of getting a government job to a native. So, this is part 1.

Securing a government job is a cherished goal for many, often driving individuals to invest considerable effort and resources. Yet, in the field of tough competition, hard work alone might not suffice. If diligence and aptitude were the sole determinants, academic achievers would effortlessly claim these coveted positions, but this isn’t always the case. The astrological chart holds significance in evaluating one’s luck, a pivotal factor in attaining government jobs. Should an individual lack favorable indications in their horoscope, despite dedicated efforts, they may find themselves expending time and energy in pursuit of such roles. Conversely, if the astrological alignment promises a government job, success in this endeavor becomes a more probable outcome.

Astrological Combinations for Government Job Prediction in Astrology

In astrology, specific houses in the horoscope bear great significance for government job prospects: the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses hold key importance.

The first house, representing the individual, and its ruling planet should exhibit strength in the horoscope. Additionally, assessing the Moon’s position is crucial.

Insights into a person’s income and profession can be gleaned from the second and eleventh houses, while the tenth house sheds light on their work and career trajectory.

The 4th house and its ruler provide insights into the native’s comfort, family life, while the 5th and 9th houses hold significance in assessing the individual’s educational journey and fortune.

Role of Dasha in Combinations of Government Job Prediction in Astrology

Dasha holds immense significance in astrology as it reveals the timing of when the yogas within a horoscope will manifest. If the suitable dasha sequence fails to manifest in an individual’s life, the fruition of yogas present in the horoscope might not materialize. When a planet meets its specific conditions, it exerts its influence, triggering the manifestation of yogas associated with it in the horoscope. Hence, for the potential of a government job indicated in someone’s horoscope to actualize, the relevant planet linked to this possibility must be active during its dasha period.

Combination of Government of Job in Astrology

When the Moon resides in the first house of a horoscope, it holds the potential to grant a government job to the individual. However, for this configuration to be effective, the Moon should not be afflicted and must remain free from malefic planetary aspects. Additionally, it’s crucial for both the first house and its ruler to be under favorable influences and exhibit strength in the horoscope.

Example Charts

Here I am going to share example charts that can help you to understand this technique.

Government Job Prediction in Astrology

Consider this example: In an Aries ascendant, the Moon functions as the lord of the 4th house, positioned in the first house. Meanwhile, the 10th house’s significance is pivotal, and its lord resides in the 12th house within a Jupiter sign. The Sun, governing the 5th house, occupies the 2nd house and receives the aspect of both the 10th and 11th lords. Furthermore, the Sun combines with the lords of the 1st and 2nd houses, forming a wealth yoga in the 2nd house.

This chart was shared by one of my students, indicating that an individual with an Aries ascendant and the Moon positioned in the 1st house pursued a career as a Senior Scientist at a Government Hospital.

Now have a look in 2nd example-

Government Job Prediction in Astrology

Cancer Lagna here and Moon in Lagna only. 10th house, 10th house lord and Moon is aspected by exalted Saturn. The sun is important so the Sun is in own sign.

This chart is also given by one of my students and she said – “One of my known people – Karka (Cancer) lagna, Yogakaraka Mars and Saturn is aspecting Moon and she was in govt. job.

This was a simple technique that I wanted to share so readers, kindly test this technique and put your suggestions in the comment box.

Note: Kindly always be aware of the counter yoga in astrology.

For a new combination you can watch this video


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